Eurocofín is a consultancy specialized in the Ongoing Advising to its clients, to whom it provides all the services needed to carry out a Global Corporate Communication Strategic Plan.

Eurocofín has worked with many Ibex-35 companies and international firms based in Spain both as a retained consultant and as an advisor for specific transactions.

Eurocofín covers four complementary business areas:

  • Strategic Communications Advisory:
    • – Domestic Media Relations.
    • – International Media Relations.
  • Investor Relations.
  • Business Intelligence.
  • Advertising and Corporate Image.

Support in the resolution of Management strategy.

  • Eurocofín works alongside Management in strategic areas such as corporate organisation, the development of business lines and communications.  Eurocofín also advises its clients on issues relating to the Board of Directors and Shareholder meetings.
  • Eurocofín drafts proposals on Institutional Relations and helps clients implement them.

We help in the implementation of the strategic communication plan with domestic and international media.

  • Communication strategy, planning and management with the media.
  • Design of P.R. plans with opinion markers.
  • Development of narratives directed at specific target audiences.
  • Elaboration of press briefings and introductory documentation to be used as a reference by journalists, provide background, avoid repetitive didactic meetings.
  • IIdentification and definition of target media groups and journalists that are important for the client, establishing appropriate and bidirectional information ties (information requests and transmission of messages).
  • Reports of the external perceptions of the company, its senior management and other critical communication factors.
  • Advise on the design, management and organization of conferences, seminars and Annual Shareholders Meetings.


Design and execution of actions plans which include:

  • Creation of a communication committee.
  • Selection and training of spokespersons.
  • Development and continuous updating of a Q&A file
  • Elaboration and distribution of communication updates and press releases.
  • Organization of press conferences and informal meetings with the press.
  • Management of the publication of opinion columns.
  • Management of special sections and interviews.
  • Press monitoring and analysis.


Crisis management:

  • Advisory services and contingency plans for difficult or crisis situations, as well as preventive communication actions to avoid or minimize their impact in the media.


Other complementary services:

  • Corporate social responsibility analysis; proposals and initiatives.
  • Designing an internal communication program.
  • “Must-reads” dossier.

One of the main challenges for the investor relations team is to anticipate market reactions, to be able to detect what the markets are thinking and to be able to brief top management on any relevant trends.

  • A good investor relations function is necessary to maximize value for shareholders.
  • It also allows the company to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the capital markets: adequately transmit messages and foment the knowledge of the company that reduces the cost of debt issuance thanks to diminished volatility and a lower perception of risk.
  • At the same time, it provides rigorous and independent market information on the company, its competitors and the sector as a whole.
  • It is important to have a clear idea of the type of shareholders the company wants to have in the long term and be in contact with them, although that may not always align with the interests of the intermediary (broker or investment bank) that organizes the presentations and road shows for the company.


The Eurocofín Investor Relations services include:

  • Investor relations programs audit: We advise on the design and improvement of these areas:
  • The organizational structure of the department.
  • Resources and functions.
  • Web Page.
  • Preparing presentations for financial analysts and investors.
  • On-going monitoring of market perception and update of the “equity story”.
  • Identifying key analysts and investors and promoting the coverage of the stock by the financial community.
  • Preparing quarterly results publications.
  • Drafting of communications to the Spanish stock market regulator (CNMV).
  • Annual Report.
  • The Investor relations team advises companies on specific one-off deals such as:



Thorough advice on all matters related to the communication’s side of the IPO process: Positioning the image of the company, explaining its activity, projecting transparency and good corporate governance, developing an “equity story”, selecting the company’s key messages, elaborating presentations and marketing material, designing a media plan for the institutional and legal advertisement campaign, etc.


Takeover bids

We design and execute the communication strategy: We help improve the perception of the company by collaborating in the preparation of communication statements, elaborating a narrative, selecting key messages. We organize “coaching” sessions and a training program for the management team along with difficult questions and suggested answers. We deliver briefing material to journalists from the domestic and international media and we organize meetings with the company.

Must Reads (monthly)

  • A well thought of selection of studies, articles and reports, related to different sectors and coming from non-mainstream sources (think-tanks, blogs, universities, etc.), with a summary in Spanish if needed.
  • They help capture the newest trends in the sector related to technological developments; marketing and services packaging; changes in public opinion; or geopolitical factors that might change the sector landscape and are of special interest to clients.
  • They work as a personal content editor, that searches and picks articles based on preferences and needs of the client.


Recommended Readings (weekly)

  • Content selection, from non-mainstream sources, that are delivered as an Information Packet.
  • This service implies the daily access (in its different forms), the reading and interpretation of international information receiving global attention, mostly in finance, economic and general business topics.